Fix url

When do I need this feature?

"Help I put the wrong link!"

The common scenario I want to use this feature is the following:

  • The message is sent: mailing has been completed
  • A wrong link is discovered
  • The sender would like to be able to fix the link

Example: I put but the correct one was

How does it work?

Select Settings > Advanced settings > Developer's corner > Fix URL.

Add the old (wrong) - in this example - and the new (correct) URL - - and then click on "Activate URL replacement".

A redirect to the new URL is now active.

Remember to use HTTP:// before the URL.

Important notes:

  • The algorithm searches for the text in the first text box and replaces it with the text of the second text box
  • URLs must be complete with the indication of the protocol (eg
  • After clicking the button "Activate URL replacement" MailUp checks if the domains are blacklisted by Spamhaus and/or  SURBL). The check is done when the URL is saved. There are no periodic checks on the URL specified for replacement
  • You can specify up to 60 substitutions
  • URL's replacement doesn't last forever. Once the URL is saved it last for 60 days