AI assistant

Before Starting: Useful Tips for using the AI Assistant

The AI assistant provided on the platform is designed exclusively to support you in creating and editing email messages. We ask you to pay close attention when using this tool and, if not strictly necessary, we invite you not to enter personal and/or sensitive information about yourself or third parties.

We would like to inform you that the solution offered has been developed by the company OpenAI L.L.C. and/or OpenAI Ireland Ltd, as the case may be (hereinafter "OpenAI"), whose artificial intelligence model uses advanced natural language processing techniques, such as semantic analysis and context understanding, to generate responses that are coherent and relevant to the user's request. However, the accuracy of the outputs is merely probabilistic, therefore in some cases, the responses generated may not be original, nor consistent or relevant to the user's request. For this reason, we invite you not to rely entirely on the accuracy of this tool and to always critically reevaluate the responses provided.

Notwithstanding the suggestion not to enter personal information when using the AI Assistant, we specify that – in the event that the output generated contains factually inaccurate personal information and should you desire the rectification of any inaccuracies– you can directly contact OpenAI as provided on the dedicated page for handling privacy rights exercise requests.

MailUp, in fact, does not have the possibility to control, directly or indirectly, the input information entered into the AI assistant, nor the output information generated by it, and prevents OpenAI from processing such information for its own purposes of training the AI model and improving services, allowing OpenAI only to store such information for (30) days, and exclusively for the purpose of assessing potential misuses or abuses of the instrument. For additional elucidation, you are hereby invited to consult the pertinent documentation accessible on the OpenAI website.

OpenAI API Use Terms and Policies

The AI Assistant Service is subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of OpenAI, available at these links: OpenAI Terms and Conditions and EU Terms and Conditions, as well as the provider's Usage Policy and Safety Best Practices, as in force from time to time, which you commit to reviewing and adhering to. Furthermore, any use of the AI Assistant Service remains subject to the MailUp Platform License Agreement already signed, as supplemented by the Supplementary Conditions relating to the AI Assistant Service. Please be reminded that the outputs produced by the AI Assistant may be erroneous and unreliable, and as such, should always be verified before use. Under no circumstances may the AI Assistant be used as a substitute for employees and/or consulting of any kind. The use of the AI Assistant occurs at your sole discretion and under your sole responsibility, absolving TeamSystem S.p.A. from any adverse consequences that may arise, including towards third parties, from the use of the AI Assistant Service, even in the event of the input of personal data or sensitive information.

How to Use the AI Assistant

Within our drag & drop email editor, the AI Assistant is designed exclusively to support you in the creation and editing of email messages. You can utilize it with the following content blocks:

  • Paragraph
  • Title
  • Button
  • List

To initiate, drag one of the afore mentioned blocks into the email message you are composing or editing.

In the sidebar, you will find the "Write with AI" button. By clicking the "Write with AI" button, the initial window of the AI Assistant will appear with suggestions on how to use it to generate new content and apply it to the email message you are creating.

OpenAI's AI Assistant relies on a token system to quantify the requests made and the responses obtained. Tokens are a set of characters that represent a single unit of information within a text.

For example, 100 Tokens = about 75 words, both for the question formulated (input) and for the answer provided by the assistant (output).

Here is what you can request from the AI Assistant if you are using it with the "Paragraph" content:

  • Write the body text for a promotional email with {your subject}.
  • Compose a message to engage with followers and start a conversation on a trending topic in {your industry}.
  • Write an email to re-engage inactive users and encourage them to return to using {your platform}.
  • Generate an invitation for a webinar on {your topic}.

Depending on the content block, you will find reference examples to generate content, a CTA, a title, or a list. With the advanced features, you could ask the AI Assistant to perform a grammatical check, translate the result into another language, change the tone of voice, and much more to assist you in generating quality content.

Review the response generated by the AI Assistant, and if it meets your requirements, click on the "Apply" button, and the generated text will be inserted into the chosen content block within the email message you are creating.

If the generated results do not meet your satisfaction, you can click on "Remove results".

Once the AI Assistant window is closed, the requests and responses generated will not be saved.