Import from apps

You can use one of these integrations to import recipients in MailUp from these applications:


The MailUp Extension for Magento allows you to leverage the powerful MailUp email messaging system from your Magento-powered eCommerce store.

  • ensure a high level of deliverability for your emails
  • run professional email marketing campaigns
  • easily filter customers In Magento and seamlessly pass the data to MailUp, which will handle the sending and tracking of the messages.
  • automatically transfer customer and order data from Magento to MailUp
  • leverage that data to grow sales with automated, triggered messages

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The MailUp Module for Prestashop allows you to leverage the powerful MailUp email messaging system from your Prestashop-powered ecommerce store. Automatically export all relevant information of your customers to MailUp.

The MailUp module for Prestashop includes the following features:

  • Specify the List in your MailUp account that the store is connected to (MailUp supports multiple Lists, which you could connect to multiple e-commerce portals)
  • Send customers and newsletter subscribers to MailUp Groups
  • Automatically send customers data to MailUp via hooks
  • Export all existing customers and newsletters subscribers
  • Automatically update subscription status in Prestashop

Note: This integration has not been developed by MailUp. We list integrations developed by third parties for customer convenience only. We do not offer any support or guarantee on these products. Please contact the developer for any inquiry.

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Using MailUp for Salesforce, the connector that links your Salesforce and MailUp account, you can ensure a high level of deliverability for your Salesforce Campaigns, leverage MailUp’s message editing tools, and easily import campaign statistics back into Salesforce. MailUp for Salesforce is now available in BETA. The BETA label will be removed once the application has been added to the Salesforce AppExchange. 

  • Create a new campaign in Salesforce and "push" the members to a new Group in MailUp with one click
  • Create a message linked to the Salesforce campaign, and edit it in MailUp using professional email message editing and testing tools (e.g. dynamic content, spam check, preview in multiple email clients, etc.)
  • Check campaign results directly from Salesforce, in a pop-up window that displays data coming from MailUp: Opens, Unique Opens, Clicks and Bounces
  • Import more detailed campaign statistics into Salesforce and display them both at campaign and campaign member level.

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