New from File or URL

New from file

You can create a new message from an HTML file with the "From a file" option on the following page: Messages > Email > Create new page. 

You can also upload a .zip archive containing both the HTML file and the images, or a single .html file.

To upload the attachments, you need to upload a folder named "attachments” inside a zip file. Make sure you have the "Attachments" option enabled with your subscription.

When you create a message from file you can:

  • Define the subject of the email: it can contain dynamic fields (for example "Hello Marco").
  • Add Notes to the message (remember they will not be visible to the recipient).
  • Upload the file by dragging it on the import area or choose your file (.zip, .html or .htm)

During the saving phase, the system checks:

  • if the HTML is valid
  • if one or more images linked in the message are missing
  • if the attachments are more than 5 and if they're too big
  • if the zip contains files not allowed

In case of problems, a warning message will appear with the details of the problems encountered so you can decide whether to modify the message, go to the summary or delete the message.

Some tips for creating the zip file

  • Insert only 1 HTML file in the .zip
  • Images and other files can be in the root or in subfolders: they always be organized as they are referenced within the HTML.

New from URL

You can create the email message from a web page or from an accessible URL and then edit the HTML.

On the page for creating a message from URL, you can:

  • Define the subject of the email: if you want, it can contain dynamic fields (for example "Hello Denis").
  • Add Notes to the message (remember they are not visible to the final recipient of the email).
  • Enter the URL from which to extract the HTML to generate the newsletter
  • After saving, you can change the message options from the Overview page, or the HTML using the editor.


In the upload operation, you transfer only the text, not the images or the layout or CSS style of the web page.