New workflow

To create a workflow you first need to choose which type of workflow you want to create, between Pre-configured and Custom workflows.

Pre-configured workflows

Pre-configured workflows are workflow templates built on email marketing best practices. Start from this templates and customize them based on your needs.

  • Thanks for joining!: welcome new subscribers and highlight key things they need to know about you and the messages they are going to receive.
  • Welcome series: create a set of welcome emails that follow the first notification (welcome email) sent to new subscribers.
  • Birthday series: congratulate your customers on a recurring event (e.g. a birthday).
  • Event reminders: send multiple reminders to your customers before an upcoming event.
  • Abandoned cart: send reminders when shoppers abandon their cart.
  • Onboarding: use an automatic email series to help new subscriber discover your product or service.

Custom workflows

By using a custom workflows, you can choose one of the available start conditions or use an existing profile or activity filter as a start event.

  • Event: based on a subscriber field that contains a date.
  • Subscription date: based on the subscription date of a recipient.
  • Field condition: based on a condition applied to a recipient field. You can also use a profile filter as a start event.
  • Group condition: based on a recipient joining or leaving a group.
  • Recipient activity: based on the recipients' interaction with your email marketing program. You can also use an activity filter as a start event.


After having selected the type of workflow you want to create, you need to decide Workflow settings.