How to track links when Automated Link Tracking is turned off

Automatic Link Tracking

When you add links to your message in the HTML editor, the links are automatically updated with the tracking link when the message is saved. There is nothing you need to do to have the system track your links.

This is because - by default - the option "Automated Link Tracking" under "Advanced Options" is active.

If you wish to track clicks on only some of the links in the message (very rare), you can disable that option and manually add tracking links to your message, using the instructions provided below.

Manual Link Tracking

If you are using the built-in HTML editor, and the "Automated Link Tracking" option is turned off, you can manually add a link using the Insert Link feature in the HTML editor toolbar. To track the link, click on "Track This Link" in the pop-up window where the link is setup.

If you are using an external HTML editor, follow the instructions below.

To track a link

1. You must use the syntax http://[track]/ before the domain;
2. The identifier character of the first querystring parameter is :rQS$: (replace ? with :rQS$:);
3. The additional identifiers in the quesrystring are :rQS*: (replace & with :rQS*:).

Example 1

To track this url:

You would replace it with:

Example 2

To track this url:

You would replace it with:

To test the link, send a message to a test group.

Dreamweaver users: to avoid character encoding issues, go to "Preferences" and modify the "Code Rewriting" setting by unchecking "Encode special Characters in URLs Using %", as shown in the screen shot below.