I cannot view updated data and statistics

You might be looking at cached data. Try refreshing the browser window. If that does not work, try right-clicking in the area where the statistics are, and select:

  • In IE: "Refresh"
  • In FireFox: "This Frame > Reload Frame"
  • ... or similar commands in other browsers
The objective is to reload the frame (the system as of October 2011 uses frames).

If this does not solve the issue, try clearing the browser cache. There are different ways to do so depending on which browser you are using and which version of each browser. For instructions on how to do so, please see: 

Also, make sure that your browser is set to load a new version of the page automatically (based on a series of criteria that optimizes your Internet experiene). In Internet
Explorer, for example, choose "Tools > Internet options > Browing History > Settings" . Here the system asks when to check for newer versions of stored pages: just select "Automatically".